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Microsoft has sent out an update for its old Xbox 360 console. With the new system update, the OS is bumped to version OS (2.0.17559.0). While Microsoft did not send out a changelog, the company did confirm the update is solely focused on “minor bug fixes and improvements”.

Of course, that makes plenty of sense considering the Xbox 360 was released in 2007 and replaced by the Xbox One in 2013. Microsoft is already to release the Xbox Scarlett next year. This will put two generations between the Xbox 360.

Still, the company is continuing to support the console in terms of security and stabilization updates. As we saw in August, this latest release is focused on squashing bugs.

Later this month (November 22), the 360 will reach its 14th birthday. Xbox Live is still functional on the device, giving users a chance for some classic online console gaming.

Microsoft has ensured the legacy of the Xbox 360 has lived on through the Xbox One generation With the Xbox Backward Compatibility feature, users could access an array of 360 titles to play on the Xbox One.

Backward Compatibility

Back in June, Microsoft discontinued Backward Compatibility. The company is not abandoning its idea of backward compatibility. Instead, the company will not release any more original Xbox and Xbox 360 games for the Xbox One.

Microsoft thinks it can move on from Xbox and Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One and focus on the next generation. Redmond announced its Project Scarlett Xbox will launch in 2020 as its next generation console. The company confirmed it will support Xbox One games through Backward Compatibility.