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Skype Translation Tool Arrives Across Platforms

Microsoft has rolled out Skype 8.54 with an integrated translation tool that replaces the outgoing Skype Translator Bot.


has this week sent out a new update for . With this release, the company has updated the communication tool across platforms. Leading the changes with Skype version 8.54 is a change to how the app translates conversations.

Microsoft has launched a new Translation tool that is built into the Skype experience. This integration is because Microsoft is retiring the Skype Translator bot.

With the Translation tool, users can just right click a contact in the app to view their profile. With the contact profile open, select on Send translation request or choose the Translated Conversation option.

It is worth noting that the contact would also need to be running Skype version 8.54 or newer for the Translation tool to work. Microsoft says the app currently has support for 11 languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

Translator Bot

On Monday, Microsoft announced that is removing the Translator Bot from Skype. The tool has been available since 2015, the bot was later integrated into Skype in 2016. With this tool, the app would sell a translation to a recipient after the original was sent.

With the new translation tool, Microsoft is still behind the 13 spoken languages and 50 text languages supported on the original Translator Bot. We guess Microsoft will add more languages in time but no official confirmation has been offered.

Brazil Issue

Microsoft also confirmed there is an issue affecting Skype in Brazil:

Microsoft Skype team mentioned the following known issue for Skype users in Brazil.

“If you are using Skype in Brazil and if your chat message timestamps are one hour off from your system time, we are aware of this issue and working on fixing it. You can use Skype for Web in Chrome or Edge as a temporary workaround.”

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