Samsung Headquarters, Korea | Photo by Oskar Alexanderson | CC BY-SA 2.0

Microsoft and Samsung’s agreement to migrate users from the phone maker’s cloud to OneDrive is rolling out to more users. According to Sam Mobile, worldwide Galaxy users on Android 10 are receiving offers to switch, with very generous terms.

Those with an existing Samsung Cloud subscription will get their current storage quota free on OneDrive for a year. Migraters will also get an additional 15GB for a year on top of OneDrive’s free plan.

All of this is a very good reason to switch to OneDrive, but it’s worth noting that the process is irreversible. Once you switch to Microsoft’s service, you can’t switch back. Any Samsung Cloud storage you paid for will be refunded, but your data will remain on Samsung’s service for some reason.

Still, with so many users now switching to OneDrive, Samsung Cloud’s future is in question. Samsung hasn’t given any concrete details, but the switch is very reminiscent of Microsoft’s migration from Groove to Spotify.

Either way, it’s a win from Microsoft, with the deal making it less likely users will hop to rival service Google Photos. Further, after the year is up, users will have to pay to access any space that’s above the 5 GB free plan. By pulling users in with a lucrative additional 10 GB, Microsoft may be able to win subscriptions from those who will have then exceeded their quota.

This move from Samsung is just one of many in its partnership with Microsoft. It previously integrated an optimized Outlook and added quick access to Your Phone via the Note 10’s Quick Panel. Both companies clearly see the value in these agreements, but some users are concerned about the replacement of services that better tie into the existing Samsung ecosystem.