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Microsoft’s Fix for Surface Pro X App Compatibility Issue Only Solves Some of the Problem

The Microsoft Store now hides some apps that are not compatible with the Surface Pro X, but many other incompatibles are still shown.


's X has been available to customers for nearly a month, but the device is having some teething problems. Specifically, numerous apps on the still don't work with the 2-in-1. It seems many applications are not compatible with the custom SQ1 ARM processor in the Pro X.

What's worse for customers is the Microsoft Store is not telling customers. This means a user can buy and app for the even if that app ultimately will not work. That's frustrating as Microsoft could put a compatibility warning on non-functional apps.

Last week, we discussed which apps work and don't work. At the time, Microsoft promised it would fix the problem and has, in a roundabout sort of way.

Redmond has sent out an automatic update for the Windows Store. If you're browsing the store with a Surface Pro X, some incompatible apps and games will not appear in searches. However, the emphasis is on some as other non-compatibles still appear.

We guess Microsoft will have to send out another update to bring wider editing off non-functional apps.

Cool Reception

This is a little embarrassing for Microsoft as the Surface Pro X is its first proprietary foray into . The company would clearly prefer developers to get on board with ARM and make their apps compatible.

ARM is provided by 's Snapdragon 8cx running under the box. Furthermore, the Surface Pro X is the first ever Windows device to a full AI engine. Surface Pro X leverages the 8cx to have Instant On and LTE Advanced Pro.

However, like other previous entries into the world of Windows 10 on ARM, the Pro X has been underwhelming. While reviewers praised its design and OS, they were more tepid on battery life and performance. Buy hey, at least it's unusually fixable for a Surface product.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 11:54 am CEST

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