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Ignite 2019: Microsoft Confirms That Chromium Edge for Linux Is Coming Soon

After hints, Microsoft revealed at its Ignite conference that Chromium Edge for Linux is coming soon. With the release on the OS and ARM, the browser will be on every major platform.


After several hints, has confirmed that its new Edge browser is coming to . The company detailed its efforts at its ‘State of the browser' session at Ignite 2019 but gave no solid release date.

Instead, it noted that Edge is coming to Linux “soon”. Assumedly, that means at a different date to Windows and MacOS, for which Microsoft is targeting January 15, 2020.

A Linux Edge was hinted at in a Reddit AMA and with the tech giant's general philosophy with the browser. It has emphasized the wish to have it on as many platforms as possible, with a Windows 10 on ARM variant also confirmed.

Of course, Microsoft also used the session to give a rundown on how the new browser will affect enterprise users. More accurately, how it's trying to minimize disruption and the introduction of an IE Mode to the browser for legacy sites.

Speaking of Legacy, from this point on, the company will refer to the EdgeHTML variant as ‘ Legacy'. The new will simply be ‘Microsoft Edge'.

It will additionally come with a new logo to differentiate it from previous efforts. The new wave-like design bears more resemblance to Firefox's brand logo than Internet Explorer, and that's a good thing.

On a personal level, I've been using the new Edge since its announcement and I'm impressed. Other than some initial issues with Netflix, it's been more or less smooth sailing on the Dev builds. So much so, that it's replaced Chrome as my daily driver.

Chromium Edge for Linux is yet to begin public testing, but with hope, it'll be just as stable as the team's previous efforts.

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