Microsoft’s efforts to embrace blockchain gained some significant new tractions at Ignite 2019 today. Redmond revealed an array of updates to Azure Blockchain Service and a preview of Azure Blockchain Tokens.

According to the company, Azure Blockchain is focused on “democratizing complex technologies and empowering anyone with an idea to build software.”

Looking at Azure Blockchain Tokens, it is a service that allows developers to tokenize and share tokens. If you are unfamiliar with a token in blockchain terms, they are important and can serve as almost anything.

As Microsoft puts it, “Tokenization is the mechanism that allows enterprises to take advantage of blockchain.”

With the power of Azure Blockchain Tokens, dev’s can share tokens across numerous blockchain platforms. Open Microsoft APIs and the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI) allows the creation of bespoke tokens.

“Easily define, create, and manage compliant tokens. Transfer, transact, burn, or mint tokens more securely across counterparties, regardless of ledger choice. Benefit from composable templates for common scenarios developed by Microsoft and partners. Azure Key Vault and Azure Active Directory are integrated to help secure transactions.” – Microsoft

Azure Blockchain Tokens is now available in preview.

Azure Blockchain Service

Also at Ignite 2019 today, Microsoft expanded its Azure Blockchain Service with some new features. Among them is Blockchain Data Manager, which is now available in preview. This tool allows developers to transform and deliver data to off-chain stores. For example, Azure SQL or Azure Cosmos DB.

Elsewhere in Blockchain Service, Microsoft has introduced managed Corda Enterprise support to boost ledger integration. Finally, the platform is also receiving a Hyperledger template in the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft says this will help customers accelerate their Hyperledger deployments.