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As Big Streamers Migrate to Mixer, Microsoft Is Reducing Its Subscription Price

Mixer subs are now priced competitively with its rival, Twitch, but streamers will still get the same percentage.


is cutting the price of subscriptions from $5.99 to $4.99 in a bid to encourage creator support. Under the new model, users will pay the reduced amount, but streamers say they won't see a change in the percentage they earn.

Theoretically, the higher volume of subscriptions should easily make up for any loss in base revenue. At the same time, Mixer's new pricing makes it competitive with Twitch, which also charges $4.99 at its base tier. For users, paying $5.99 for a service less mature than its competitor didn't make particular sense.

Exactly how much the partner earns per sub will depend on the split previously agreed in their contract. Microsoft takes 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for payment fees, and the rest is private.

It's another sign that after some concerning layoffs, the company is doubling down on its financial commitment to the streaming platform. After signing exclusive contracts with streamers Shroud and Ninja, it's looking to keep momentum and entice more creators from its rival.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the lack of a Prime-like solution. Users with an Amazon Prime subscription get a free sub each month, as well as exclusive loot in games. Microsoft has a number of possible avenues in that regard, including its Game Pass service, which does net you a free sub, but no loot. It's also worked with Spotify in the past for free trials.

In the meantime, those with an auto-renewing subscription should be knocked down to the $4.99 payment immediately. For those who purchased a sub between October 24th and 30th sub didn't get the reduced pricing, a refund is available.

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