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Microsoft Project Turing To Bring Machine Reading to Enterprise Search

At Ignite, Microsoft will reportedly talk about Project Turing, its deep learning machine-reading tool for enterprise search customers.


has been a leader in the development of machine learning and machine-reading technology. However, the company has been searching for more ways to make the technology more commercially friendly. Now Redmond is eager to push the machine-reading to make search results more accurate.

According to the Microsoft Ignite session list, this implementation could be announced at the conference. With machine-reading comprehension, search would understand text automatically. This is possible by leverage natural-language understand and computer vision.

“In search applications, machine comprehension will give a precise answer rather than a URL that contains the answer somewhere within a lengthy web page. Moreover, machine comprehension models can understand specific knowledge embedded in articles that usually cover narrow and specific domains, where the search data that algorithms depend upon is sparse. In this session, see and learn about the latest innovation with natural language and machine reading comprehension in Microsoft Search,” Microsoft details on its session explainer.

Microsoft calls the technology “Project Turing”, which is something Microsoft has been working on for years. Specifically, Project Turing is focused on implementing AI-powered search capabilities for enterprise users.

Deep Learning Expansion

In recent years, Microsoft has been ramping up its effort for . Back in 2017, the company acquired deep learning specialist Maluuba. The team wants to create computers that can not only listen and machine learn, but machine read and write. Maluuba wants to create an AI that can think, reason and communicate like humans.

Deep learning and search will be a big part of next month. Announced on the official Ignite 2019 account, the schedule is now live on the official conference website. You can head there to browse the 469 sessions Microsoft has announced.

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