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Microsoft Will Sell a Surface Pro X Keyboard without the Pen Slot

The Surface Pro X's Keyboard will follow the trend of a Signature and base variant, but one will come without a Slim Pen dock.


The X is arguably the most exciting device will sell this year. Though it was somewhat overshadowed by the Surface Duo and Neo at the October 8 Surface event, it still turned heads with its ARM chip, slim bezels, and nifty pen holder.

As it turns out, though, that pen holder isn't a given. As noted by MSPowerUser, only the Signature Alcantara version of the keyboard cover features the slot. As shown in the trailers, you can smoothly pull it down to remove the new slim pen, which sits docked and charging while not in use.

The Signature Keyboard comes bundled with the Slim Pen for $269.99, while the regular cover costs $139.99. Purchasing the Pen alone is $144.99, meaning you may save $15 by getting the Signature bundle.

So, who is the regular keyboard for? Existing Surface owners with the regular Surface Pen, or those not wanting a pen at all. Also, those who don't like the Alcantara material, which can be harder to clean and easier to stain.

Of course, the third option is to buy the Surface Pro X essentials bundle. This nets you the tablet itself, a choice of the Signature Keyboard and Pen or regular keyboard for $215.99 and $111.99, Office 365, and a protection plan. This totals $1280.18 with the base keyboard.

That still makes pre-ordering the Pro X with a Signature bundle the best value if you just want all three acessories.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 11:54 am CEST

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