Yubico Login

Yubico has announced the release of its Yubico Login app, letting Windows users utilize its security keys to securely access their local account. By acting as a multi-factor authentication method, it ensures only a person with both the user’s password and the physical key can enter.

The app has been in testing for around six months and Yubico says it’s taken that time to listen to feedback and outline a plan for improvements. For now, though, the app supports the following:

  • Highly secure and easy-to-use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for login using local accounts to Windows workstations
  • Simple configuration for up to 10 individual users
  • Fast enrollment for backup YubiKeys
  • Easy recovery mechanisms for lost YubiKeys

As noted earlier, though, Yubico Login is only available for local accounts, which Microsoft appears to be hiding away. It won’t work if you login with your Microsoft or Azure AD accounts.

For Azure AD, Yubi has a separate agreement with Microsoft:

“For computers joined to cloud-based AAD, passwordless authentication with the YubiKey is currently supported in Azure AD preview. For accounts managed by AD, the YubiKey enables authentication as a PIV-compliant smart card (Windows 7+, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2+),” the company explains.

You can grab the app from Yubioco’s website for both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows. The company will continue to adjust the solution in line with customer feedback.