Microsoft is sending out another batch of xCloud invites after a successful few days for its streaming service’s preview. Among others, Xbox head Larry Hryb announced the news on Twitter and indicated that there are more to come.

“Great news, we’re sending out more invites for the Project xCloud preview today! If you’ve previously signed up be on the lookout for an email. We’ll continue to roll out more invites,” he wrote.

Those who haven’t yet signed up for the beta can do so here. However, it’s worth noting that sign-ups and the invites that are rolling out now are exclusive to the US, Canada, and the UK. Many will have to wait for the service, likely so Microsoft can make deals with cellular providers and upgrade its data centers. It’s also Android-only for now, but that can be bypassed with an emulator for PC.

Responses to the preview have been positive so far. Though the service only currently features four games, reports suggest they run admirably over the recommended 5GHz Wi-Fi. The occasional input lag issue or resolution bump down.

Still, questions remain about how viable xCloud will be for more competitive scenarios. In titles where a split second matters, it may begin to falter more, especially on non-ideal connections. There are also restrictions in regards to your Xbox account. If someone is using your account on your Xbox One, you’ll be unable to stream until they stop using it.

Either way, Microsoft’s service is looking like a promising competitor to Google Stadia, which will launch on November 19. Unlike Stadia, Microsoft has a lot of relationships with developers and says its entire library of 3,000 Xbox and PC games will be available to play.