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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Enjoys 66% Pay Rise as Stock Price Soars

Microsoft has seen its stock price reach a record level and CEO Satya Nadella is reaping the reward to turning the company around.


is continuing to go through a golden period of economic growth. This week, the company's price soared to a record high following raised dividends and confirmation of a $40 billion stock buyback. Because of this movement, Microsoft market has continued to top $1 trillion this year.

With the latest success of a record stock price, Microsoft CEO is receiving a pay rise as a reward. Nadella's salary of $2.3 million but thanks to Microsoft's stock success he has received $42.9 million in total compensation. Aside from the base salary, the rest of the compensation has come from stock awards.

has received a 66% raise compared to the $25.8 million total compensation he received during the previous fiscal year. Microsoft fiscal years 2019 ended on June 30.

How does Nadella's compensation compared to some of his peers? CEO Sundar Pichai received $1.9 million in overall compensation during the company's last fiscal period. He turned down stock award compensation from Google.

CEO Tim Cook received $15.7 million in 2018, including $3 million of which was salary. Amazon's Jeff Bezos may be the richest person in the world, but he has never taken a salary higher than $81,840 for twenty years.

Microsoft Success

So, Nadella is making more money than some of his peers, but Microsoft would argue he is worth it. Since replacing Steve Ballmer in 2014, Nadella has steered Microsoft to renewed success.

At that time, many though the company's best days were in the past. Microsoft had failed to adapt to the mobile market and seemed to be falling behind. However, Nadella changes the focus of Microsoft back to enterprise and into the cloud era.

Since then, the company has enjoyed huge success including becoming a trillion-dollar company and passing $100 billion in revenue.

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