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Microsoft’s Mixer Academy Will Train Users to Be a Successful Streamer or Moderator

Microsoft's Mixer Academy will train streamers, moderators, and general users, covering the features of the platform, social media, networking, and more.


has taken the wraps of Mixer Academy, a tool it will use to train users to stream or moderate. Using the site, they can build their familiarity with the platform, earn badges, and complete courses.

The program should simplify the learning curve of becoming a streamer while giving tips on aspects like which are vital to a streamer's career. All of it, of course, will be free of charge, with Microsoft's main benefit being more content creators on its platform.

Academy is split into three categories: Power User, Moderator, and Streamer. The Mixer Handbook is available to any who simply want to learn more about the platform and how to best utilize its features. The moderator sections contain tips on building a strong community, while the streamer one covers everything from technical settings to social , business, and networking.

“For aspiring steamers looking to take their first steps to start a community of their own or content creators looking to level-up their knowledge base, we've got the Streamer track just for you! Here, you'll learn some basic pointers on how to grow your stream, community, social media presence, and even a few tips on how to grow your professional network,” said Mixer product marketing manager Adam Harris in a blog post.

One of the most important aspects of the Mixer Academy is that Microsoft will continue to add to it. Harris says this is “just the beginning” in terms of content, and is calling for ideas for new courses. The idea is to create a robust onboarding process for anyone looking to join the platform.

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