Around a week ago, Windows 10 users started complaining about Start menu issues following a Microsoft-issued security patch. It has taken a week, but Microsoft has now confirmed the problem exists and is promising a fix.

The problem was seemingly caused by a patch sent out by Microsoft on October 3. This required patch was sent out by Microsoft to squash a bug between Internet Explorer and printers. It looks like this update is now causing all new problems for Windows users. Indeed, Microsoft was forced to reissue KB4524147.

Uninstalling KB4524147 removed the issue but left users open to a printer flaw that needed to be fixed. Microsoft deemed it a critical security vulnerability that has been used in targeted attacks.

Now, a Microsoft Engineer has confirmed the company is aware of the Start menu bug and says a fix is incoming. Still, the company has yet to update the support page for the original patch, which still shows a “no known issues” sign.

Recent Issues

Microsoft has had a poor recent track record with its Patch Tuesday cumulative updates. While fixing specific issues, the company’s patches have caused all new ones. October Patch Tuesday is likely to arrive next week.

Interestingly, Windows 10 updates are causing as problems on a regular basis. Has Microsoft’s decision to adopt a testing situation based on automatic telemetry and data gathering been a mistake? The company used to be reliant on an internal testing team to find problems.

Last month, Microsoft confirmed its Patch Tuesday cumulative updates caused issues with audio. Gamers had reported inconsistent audio performance across games on Windows 10 1903 since September 10.