Microsoft has riding the crest of a hardware waver following its Surface event yesterday. While the company basks in the glory of six new products, a couple of other devices have been announced. Maybe not as sexy as a Surface Pro X or Surface Duo, Redmond has revealed its Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard.

Let’s look at the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard first. According to the company, the peripheral has been designed specifically to focus on typing comfort. This split deck board emphasizes wrist comfort and health, including a cushion and palm rest.

With the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard, the company has gone for a more traditional approach. It is a classic rectangle deck form factor that is wireless. Microsoft says this peripheral has a battery life of two years.

Interestingly, Microsoft is talking up the dedicated Windows shortcut keys as the differentiator here. Yes, most laptops have dedicated Windows keys, but Microsoft’s keyboard have more integrations with Windows 10.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Dedicated Keys

For example, both the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard have dedicated keys for search, Office 365, emoji, media controls, and screen snipping. Looking at the Bluetooth Keyboard has a shortcut with the Your Phone app on Windows 10. Your Phone is Microsoft’s service that allows Android users to sync to Windows 10 PCs.

Both new keyboards will be available on October 15, with the Ergonomic Keyboard for $59.99, and the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is available for $49.99.

At its event yesterday, Microsoft launched the Surface Earbuds, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, and Surface Laptop and the Surface Neo and Surface Duo folding devices.