Four new surface pen colors

Microsoft is preparing to launch a group of new devices at its Surface hardware event tomorrow. While the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 are a yes, and the Surface Centaurus is a maybe, there may be other hardware making an appearance. One of those additional devices could be a new Surface Pen.

With the Surface Pro entering its seventh generation, a new Surface Pen experience seems reasonable. It is also much more likely after a recent wireless charging tool passed through the FCC and then later leaked online.

Images in the leak show a new Surface Pen that will get a redesign and be slightly smaller. According to leaks, it will also look much more like a traditional pen. However, it’s what is happening on the inside that’s more important. A couple of weeks ago, we reported on Microsoft’s filing for a wireless charging component in the Surface Pen with the FCC.

As you may know, the Federal Communications Commission is the regulatory body that passes devices to sell in the United States. Without an FCC certification, a product won’t be sold in the country. A certificate is often among the last steps before a device is launched.

Wireless Charger

The Surface Pen with wireless charger received its certification ahead of the Surface event tomorrow.

Wireless charging is an important step for the super stylus. Previous generations of the pen have required batteries. Now users will be able to charge the device without a wire. According to MSPowerUser, this can be done in several ways.

Firstly, users can buy the Surface Pen wireless charger that just received its FCC certification. That may be a good option for people who use the pen across multiple devices. Another option is to simply attach the pen to the Surface Pro Type Cover and let it charge through the device.