Rumors about Microsoft’s Surface Centaurus just won’t go away. Ahead of the company’s Surface hardware event in New York City tomorrow, it seems more details are emerging. Specifically, the Windows Core OS (WCOS) that is developed to work on the folding screens of Centaurus will be called Windows 10X.

That’s according to tipster Evan Blass, who says Windows 10X will be the production name for WCOS.

Windows Core OS (WCOS) is a modular variant of the Windows 10 platform. By creating a modular Windows experience, Microsoft can put the full power of Windows 10 on any device. WCOS will provide Microsoft with a platform that will work on mobile devices and PCs alike.

Blass adds that Win32 applications will function on Windows 10X. This will be achieved through containers, which essentially serves as an emulator that allows older Windows programs to run on Surface Centaurus.

Still Hope

Just yesterday, a leak of images from tomorrow’s launch event showed several Surface devices. Indeed, the leak all but confirmed the Surface Pro 7 will arrive tomorrow, as well as a Surface Laptop 3. The images also highlighted an AMD-powered device.

It originally seemed as though the leak dashed hopes of Surface Centaurus making an appearance.

However, these is still a chance because one of the images merely shows a woman entering a vehicle with no device in hand. There is probably a device in that bag, which could this be Centaurus. Wild speculation or not, we have less than a day to find out.

It is worth noting that even if Surface Centaurus and Windows 10X are present at the event tomorrow, it is likely to be limited to an introduction. We don’t expect any information on release dates or pricing.

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