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Microsoft Retires Its Windows Developer Uservoice Forum

Microsoft is shutting down the Windows Developer UserVoice forum as it moves more of its conversations to GitHub and Feedback Hub.


has discontinued the Windows Developer UserVoice forum to better match its modern efforts. Though UserVoice has long been a source of feature requests and feedback, Windows 10's has been the preferred method in recent times.

In the initial September 28 announcement, Microsoft said it would stop accepting submissions on October 1st, take the forums offline on October 28, and wipe them on November 27.

The move was unveiled by Microsoft MVP Rafael Rivera, who later noted that Microsoft pulled the plug a day early. As well as the Feedback Hub, devs can give pointers directly from the app they're using, or on the projects GitHub page.

Rivera has already made a backup of the forum, which may contain information useful to some users. The full contents are available on GitHub, with screenshots included.

So far, devs have not had a strong reaction to the news. The main confusion surrounds where they'll go to support problems. Microsoft's Jevan Saks and the Windows Dev Docs team say they're working on compiling a list of resources, and in the meantime, there's the Windows Developer Community Discord.

With Microsoft recently releasing .NET Core 3.0, a new ASP.NET Core, and a WinRT API Pack, there should be plenty of conversation from devs. In all likelihood, they're familiar enough with the company's offering to know the right place for feedback.

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