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Microsoft Green Lights Windows 10 1903 for Broad Deployment

Microsoft says Windows 10 1903 is ready for anyone to install - provided you don't have an Intel or Broadcom Wi-Fi adapter.


Four months after its release, has marked Windows 10 1903 as ready for a wide rollout. By designating it as ‘broad deployment', it indicates that all users can download it from the in-built Windows Update service.

Despite this, there are still a few issues in 1903 that are still being investigated or are mitigated, rather than resolved. These failures to install updates, color profile issues, inability to discover devices, and more. Microsoft believes these significantly mitigated or minor enough that they're fine for day-to-day use.

The exception is those using some Wi-Fi adapters. Specifically, those with some Broadcom or Intel devices may experience a loss of connectivity each boot until they enable and disable the adapter in device manager. Some users with outdated Qualcomm drivers may also experience issues. To prevent problems, Microsoft is holding back the updates from affected users for the time being.

Though 1903 has only just reached broad deployment, stats suggest 45% of Windows 10 users have installed it already. The stats are something of a return to form for Microsoft, who experienced a slow start with last year's October update. It's currently the most used version of , with 1809 at 25.5% and 1803 just behind at 24.1%.

For their trouble, users will get a light theme for their desktop, Windows Sandbox to securely run dubious apps and separation of Cortana and Search. It doesn't quite hold the major additions of some previous updates but does contain some quality of life improvements like a fix for the Spectre flaw that doesn't cause CPU slowdown.

Those not yet on 1903 should be able to obtain it by typing ‘Check for Updates' in their search bar.

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