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Microsoft Surface Event Guide: Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, and Surface Centaurus?

Ahead of Microsoft’s Surface press event next week, we detail what to expect, including the Surface Pro 7 and folding Surface device.


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We are less than a week out from 's next Surface hardware event. On October 2, the company will hit the stage in New York City and will be live streaming the event.

As usual, there has been plenty of rumors surrounding what Microsoft will launch at its event. From the 7 to the , if all reports are to believed Microsoft will be on stage all afternoon. Of course, not all devices rumored will be announced, but here what to expect from the Surface event.

Most Likely

: A year ago, Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 6. While it is not unusual for the company to wait more than a year between Pro generations, the Surface Pro 7 is almost guaranteed next week.

What's most interesting about the 7th generation Surface Pro is it will be available across three variant models. There will reportedly be five variants with Intel's 10th Gen Core processors.

Microsoft will also finally bring USB-C connectivity to the Surface Pro range. Earlier this year, a Microsoft Patent suggested the Surface Pro 7 would get USB-C and remove the Surface Connect. That does seem to be the case, with USB-C to be included alongside the Connect.

: It was originally presumed that Microsoft would launch a Surface Book 3 at its event next week. However, it now seems more likely that a 3 will be announced instead.

We discussed the new 15-inch Surface Laptop variant, but it seems Microsoft will also offer this screen size variant with an AMD processor. If a 15-inch variant of the Surface Laptop is announced, this could have a big impact on the Surface Book.

Both the Surface Book and Surface Pro devices are 2-in-1s that allow users to detach the screen as a tablet. If the Surface Laptop 3 gets a bigger variant, it will be a very similar product to the Surface Book, albeit without the detachable element. Could the Surface Laptop 3 completely replace the Surface Book line of devices?


Surface Centaurus: If numerous reports are to be believed, Microsoft will launch it folding screen Surface 2-in-1 next week, or at least introduce it. Following several patents to fine tune its folding screen tech, Microsoft could be ready to announcement. Certainly, the market is already underway with manufacturers developing their own folding screen devices.

Much of Microsoft's work on folding screen technology has been on the hinge mechanism. Over the years, we have charted numerous patents focused on making the folding screen as functional as possible.

Windows Core OS: Finally, if Microsoft does announce Centaurus then Windows Core OS is likely to also be revealed. If you're unfamiliar with Windows Core OS (WCOS), it is a modular version of Windows 10. By creating a modular Windows experience, Microsoft can put the full power of Windows 10 on any device. WCOS will provide Microsoft with a platform that will work on mobile devices and PCs alike.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 12:02 pm CEST

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Luke Jones
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