On Tuesday, Microsoft launched .NET Core 3 and the latest ASP.NET version. One of the big additions to .NET Core through version 3.0 is the addition of C# 8.0. Now, Microsoft is offering free video tutorials helping users learn about all aspects of the C# on .NET Core and ASP.NET.

Microsoft has created a domain for the tutorials, which can be seen at http://dot.net/videos. Around one hundred videos are currently available, and the company promises more content to come.

Among the topics covered at C# 101, making desktop applications in .NET and making ASP.NET web apps. Elsewhere, Microsoft has tutorials for learning containers and Dockers.

Importantly, there are plenty of videos geared towards beginners, offering a slow paced introduction into Microsoft’s open source framework. Most videos are less than 10 minutes so are digestible for developers. Furthermore, they are also organized into Playlists to make finding content easier.

On his personal blog, Microsoft employee Scott Hanselman recommends starting with the following videos in order:

  • C# 101
  • .NET 101
  • NET 101

Microsoft is calling on users to provide feedback and make suggestions about which topics should be covered in future videos.

.NET Core 3.0

In its latest version, .NET Core 3 comes with support for Windows Desktop apps via WinForms. Elsewhere, developers can now leverage a high-performance JSON API, new support for ARM chips, support for Raspberry Pi, and what Microsoft describes as “hardened” support for Docker.

At the moment, .NET Core 3 is rolling out as version 3.0. This is the release build, but Microsoft says .NET Core 3.1 will be the long-term support build and will arrive in November.