Registry cleaners are billed as services that can clean up a PC and make it perform better by ensuring the registry is not cluttered. Microsoft has never really liked the idea of these tools. It seems Redmond is now actively stopping registry cleaner from being recommended to users.

When a PC runs into performance problems, registry cleaners are often recommended to users. According to HTNovo, Microsoft has put on their blacklist of domains on the company’s Support forum.

It is worth noting that this does not mean Windows users are banned from using CCleaner. Indeed, they can find and download the registry cleaner whenever they want.

Instead, Microsoft’s ban means any links to CCleaner posted on Microsoft Support forums will be automatically censored. Interestingly, this is a relatively rare move from Microsoft as there are only 11 domain names currently on the censored list.

Although, Microsoft has only recently launched the blacklist so it is likely more domains will be added over time. Blacklisted services are known by official forum moderators. These moderators do have the ability to post links to the blacklisted software, although Microsoft does not advise this action.


While CCleaner itself is not a nefarious service, the registry cleaner has been compromised by malware attacks in the past. However, the last time the service was used as a malware vessel to infect Windows PCs was several years ago. CCleaner was also previously not compatible with Windows 10 at some point.

An explanation why the service has been blacklisted would be welcome, but Microsoft has not provided one.