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Microsoft’s Mixer Gets Live Stream Ads, but Creators Are yet to Get a Cut

Mixer will show on ads on creator's live streams, but they won't currently get a cut. The platform says it's exploring ways to pass in revenue but wouldn't make a firm commitment.


's Mixer platform has started to run ads on its streams. Community manager Andy Salisbury and guest Ethan Rothamel announced the change late last week, explaining that creators aren't currently getting a revenue cut.

“I get it. Ads are not the most fun thing in the world to deal with, but it's super important to remember what you're doing on the site,” Rothamel said. “The site is free, you're watching content for free, and you're supporting partners.”

He emphasized that Microsoft is looking for ways to fund creators with the ads, but that it's still mulling exactly how it will gel with its partner system. For now, viewers will have to watch ads on their favorite streamer's content without the knowledge they're supporting them.

At least, so long as they don't have Pro. Those with the $7.99 subscription service won't see adverts, as they're already contributing to the site. The same goes for those who have subscribed to a partnered channel.

No Assurances

Following the announcement on its Level Up Cast last Friday, The Verge reached out about the plans for creator monetization. The tech giant said it's always exploring ways to support creators, but that it doesn't have anything to share at this time. It refused to confirm that creators will receive ad revenue.

Of course, while ads can open a strong revenue for a company, they can also cause issues. Suddenly, sites have to answer to their ad partners, who often don't want their product shown next to controversial content. This is an issue 's YouTube has struggled with in recent times, tightening its reigns after Verizon, AT&T, Walmart, and more pulling out of the platform.

Rival live streaming service is often criticized for the inconsistent implementation of its rules, though they aren't solely due to advertisers. It'll be interesting to see how the platforms differ as Mixer gains popular streamers like Ninja and new avenues of monetization.

SourceThe Verge
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