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Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Tools Receives Unified Extended Support

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack tools have been unified into a single end-of-support date, apart from MED-V.


announced today that it has unified the support windows for tools within its Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). In a blog post, the company says all tools in MDOP share one “extended support” across the suite.

Specifically, April 14, 2026 is now the end date for extended support for all Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack tools.

“To make it easier for IT pros who use MDOP as a suite of tools, it made sense to standardize a single end of support date across all MDOP products. To ensure that we maintained the end of support promise we'd made to customers, we chose to align to the farthest date, April 14, 2026, which was originally just the end of support date for DaRT 10.0.”

If you are unfamiliar with MDOP, is a suite of services for Windows customers subscribed to Microsoft Software Assurance. The pack is aimed at increasing manageability and monitoring efficiency on enterprise desktops, emergency recovery, desktop virtualization and application virtualization.

The following MDOP tools now have the unified support date:

Extended Support

What this means is on April 14, 2026, all tools will be finalized and shuttered. In turn, MDOP will be a dead suite that is no longer updated and patched by Microsoft.

That's because Microsoft is moving MDOP into extended support. This is the company's second phase of product lifecycle update management. Once a service reaches the end of extended support it is closed for good.

It is worth noting one MDOP tool has been left out of the support data unification.  Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) tool, which allows users to host virtual machines on desktops. Microsoft says extended support for MED-V will only last until April 13, 2021 with no plans for an extension.

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