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Intel Gen 12 Graphics to Improve CPU Load Through DSB Integration

Intel is using Display State Buffer technology in its 12th Gen Tiger Lake processors, which will arrive in laptops during 2020.


is finalizing the development of its Gen12 (Xe) graphics processors. Ahead of the upcoming release, new information suggests the company is using a feature to improve CPU workload. Called Display State Buffer (DSB), Intel wants to make graphics take less of a toll on the processor.

Phoronix reports the DSB tool was mentioned in a recent Linux kernel patch for the Intel Gen12 (Xe) graphics. The latest generation of graphics capability will be available in Intel's Tiger Lake processors. These are the 11th generation of mobile-centric silicon that will be launched in 2020. Also launching next year will be Xe discrete graphics cards.

DSB is an interesting tool that at its core will lower strain on the CPU for graphics. As the name suggests, it manages batch submit display register . The new engine reduces load times on CPUs, allowing the processor to put more effort into the display controller.

Intel is clearly working on making the 10nm Tiger Lake processors as cutting edge as possible. Speed is essential for dealing with modern mobile computing needs. We have previously heard how these CPUs will allow multiple 4K display or 8K display use.

Replacing Ice Lake

Tiger Lake processors will replace the current 10th gen Ice Lake CPUs that are now coming to laptops in 2019. Ice Lake chips are Intel's first with 10nm architecture, based on the Sunny Cove framework. According to the chip maker, Ice Lake is built for deep learning and has built-in Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 support.

10th gen Ice Lake chips sport 4 cores and 8 threads, allowing performance to be 18% faster compared to the previous generation.

Tiger Lake will improve on these advancements and will be used in laptops from late 2020.

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