Microsoft has a Surface hardware event scheduled to take place on October 2 in New York City. At the gathering, the company will certainly unveil new Surface hardware. As usual, speculation is now focused on whether the hardware will be update generations of current models or entirely new products.

While an update to Surface Book 3 is likely, and a Surface Pro 7 announcement possible, many people are holding out for a different type of device. Specifically, many believe Microsoft will unveil a dual-screen Surface.

Microsoft’s journey with a foldable double screen device goes back years. The company was long predicted to be working on a folding smartphone called the Surface Phone. Chances of that hardware ever being made are virtually zero. However, Microsoft has been developing a laptop with two screens and a specified Windows 10 version.

In terms of adopting folding screen technology, the time is now. Samsung and Huawei have already released folding screen smartphones, while Lenovo has debuted a folding screen laptop. Microsoft has been one of the leaders in developing this technology. If a product does not arrive soon the company could be left behind.

Possible Launch

As for the Surface event, there are some questions beyond whether Microsoft will adopt folding screen hardware. Firstly, would such a device be released as a new product line or will it fit into the Surface Pro range?

Secondly, will Microsoft simply announce the device in October and launch it next year? That seems likely.

To answer these questions, we will have to wait for the rumor mill to keep churning and for the event itself. As always, WinBuzzer will be on hand with all the information and breaking news from Microsoft’s unveiling.