Microsoft has today started to roll out the beta version of its Chromium Edge browser, a development channel that was promised when the preview launched in April. The release comes as the company prepares to move towards a stable release, which has continued to leak online in recent days.

Starting with the release of the beta version, Microsoft has made the channel available for Windows and macOS today.

When Chromium Edge launched in preview in April, Microsoft announced three development channels. However, only two of those channels have been available, Canary and Dev. The former provides daily updates and the latter provides weekly updates. Neither are particularly stable because of the frequency of updates.

Microsoft said the beta channel would provide a more stable experience that would be closer to the production ready version of Chromium Edge. The company says 1 million downloads of Edge in preview have happened so far and says the new beta channel will allow more organizations to check out the browser.

“Beta represents the most stable preview channel, as features are added to Beta only after they have cleared quality testing in first the Canary channel and then the Dev channel,” explains Joe Belfiore, CVP of Microsoft’s Windows Experiences. “Major version updates can be expected roughly every six weeks, alongside periodic minor updates for bug fixes and security.”

Edge Stable Leak

Since late last month a stable version of Chromium Edge has been leaking online. A new leak was spotted late last week, and the installer works. As the name suggests, this is the finalized version of Edge that will be released by Microsoft once the company has finished previewing the browser.

One of the most interesting things about the stable installer is that it replaces the Classic Edge application on Windows 10. This is further proof that Microsoft is planning to fully replace its old Edge app with the new Chromium-based version.

If you want to check out the leaked Microsoft Edge Stable installer, Build is available for download here.