One of the best things about Microsoft basing its new Edge browser on Google’s Chromium web rendering language is both companies are essentially co-developing their browsers. What is available on Chrome comes to Chromium Edge, and what Microsoft creates for Edge can come to Chrome.

For example, both Google and Microsoft have been working separately on a feature that would bring global media controls to Chromium. While Google has been working on its soltuon, Microsoft has now officially rolled out its to the Edge Canary channel.

With global media controls, users of the Chromium Edge preview can manage playback of audio on video across all tabs from a single tool.

As this is a Canary channel build, the feature is in its infancy. If you’re not familiar with the Chromium Edge preview, the Canary channel brings daily updates and is the most unstable. As Microsoft continues to work on media controls they will pass to more stable releases on the Developer channel.

Global media controls are now available on Edge Canary Version The tool is available when a user opens a tab with an audio or video component (typically it would be both). A small play button appears on the Edge toolbar next to the profile image icon. Clicking the play symbol will bring up extended control such as pause/unpause.

Text Finder

As mentioned, Microsoft has been developing for Chromium and bringing its solutions to other browsers. Earlier this month, the company launched a Text Finder solution for Chromium.

The text finder is available through Ctrl + F and will allow users to edit text once the original selected text has been automatically placed.

In terms of general functionality, the text finder on Chromium remains unchanged. Microsoft has released the new finder experience on Chromium Edge and Google Chrome. The tool is currently limited to Canary development branches on both browsers.