LinkedIn Headquarters
Image: Business Insider

LinkedIn has been part of Microsoft’s umbrella of companies since being acquired by the company in December 2016. Since then, the business-focused social network has been allowed to operate independently. Despite that, Microsoft is adding many of its own features to LinkedIn on Android in the coming days.

For one, Microsoft is bringing its Dark Mode to LinkedIn. If you are unfamiliar with Dark Mode, it is a darkened UI that Microsoft has rolled out extensively across Windows 10. Microsoft is currently developing the integration and says it is “coming soon”.

Elsewhere, LinkedIn for Android is receiving a new feature that will allow direct security authentication on the app. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong dug deep into the code of the application and found an App Lock feature in development.

The App Lock will eventually allow users to unlock the application with their fingerprint. Currently, the feature is available through the “Account” section in the LinkedIn Settings menu. Users will have to activate the tool before they can start unlocking the app with a fingerprint.

Azure Migration

Last month, Microsoft pushed its influence on LinkedIn more by saying the company will migrate to Azure cloud infrastructure.

The migration will take some time. After-all, this is a company that has 645 million members so there is a lot of data to move. Mohak Shroff, LinkedIn’s SVEP of engineering, admits it will take years to migrate as the company seeks to avoid harming accessibility and performance.

“We think probably at least three years till we’re done, possibly longer than that,” Shroff added. “It will be a gradual migration. We’ll see increasing workloads on Azure over time, with a pretty significant inflection point, about a year and a half, two years out from now. And then kind of an accelerated migration post that.”