Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has recently updated it prices for Azure Archive Storage, cutting the cost of the solution by as much as 50 percent. The company says the reason for the reduction is to create a cost-effective cloud storage experience. To complement the changes, Microsoft has now rolled out a new data redundancy type.

Called Geo-Zone-Redundant Storage (GZRS), it is available in preview for Azure Archive Storage customers.

If you’ve never heard of Azure Archive Storage, it hosts redundancy options that users leverage to repair processes when data is corrupted. Among the redundancies are locally redundant storage (LRS), zone-redundant storage (ZRS), and Microsoft says more will be launched eventually.


With GZRS, Microsoft says customers get a well-balanced option that blends availability, performance, and recovery. Users can leverage GZRS to read data even if a whole data region is unavailable. Microsoft also promises the following abilities:

  • Synchronously writing three replicas of your data across multiple Azure Availability Zones, such as zone-redundant storage today, protecting from cluster, datacenter, or entire zone failure.
  • Asynchronously replicating the data to another region within the same geo into a single zone, such as locally redundant storage, protecting from a regional outage.


Microsoft also provides the following table to show storage comparisons across redundancies:

ScenarioLocally redundant storageGeo-redundant storageRead Access geo-redundant storageZone-redundant storageGeo Zone Redundant StorageRead Access Geo Zone Redundant Storage
Node unavailability within a data centerYes
An entire data center (zonal or non-zonal) becomes unavailableNoYes (failover is required)YesYes
A region-wide outageNoYes (failover is required)NoYes (failover is required)
Read access to your data (in a remote, geo-replicated region) in the event of region-wide unavailabilityNoNoYesNoNoYes
Designed to provide X% durability of objects over a given yearat least 11 9’sat least 16 9’sat least 12 9’sat least 16 9’s
Supported storage account typesGPv2, GPv1, BlobGPv2
Availability SLA for read requestsAt least 99.9% (99% for Cool Access Tier)At least 99.99% (99.9% for Cool Access Tier)At least 99.9% (99% for cool access tier)At least 99.99% (99.9% for Cool Access Tier)
Availability SLA for write requestsAt least 99.9% (99% for Cool Access Tier)