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More Details about Microsoft’s Windows Core OS Appear on LinkedIn

Thanks to a LinkedIn posting, we have further hints of Windows Core OS' development, including the existence of a file picker and File Explorer experience.


A profile discovered by WindowsLatest further confirms the existence of while adding further detail. A senior software engineer at the company mentions work several features of the system.

“Implemented File Picker and File Explorer Experience for WCOS (Windows Core OS), Xbox, HoloLens, and Oasis,” it reads.

Though there's little else in the way of detail, the information can be combined with both previous LinkedIn leaks and rumors from various reports to build a detailed picture of WCOS.

What Is Windows Core OS?

According to previous hints and reporting, Windows Core OS is a modular version OS that has deep integrations with UWP, next-gen security features, and win32 support. The OS was rumored to be integrating with Andromeda OS, which was designed for dual-screen devices but has reportedly been axed.

At Build 2019, did not mention Core OS or even Windows Lite, which was rumored. Reports and some of the company actions suggest it'll be focusing on the latter for the immediate future as it tries to compete with 's Chrome OS.

Of course, the amusing part of all these LinkedIn leaks is that Microsoft owns the platform. Its lack of response to information being posted suggests it isn't too worried about keeping WCOS under wraps, which makes sense given all the information that's been leaked to press.

Still, whether Core OS will actually launch is still a matter of contention. Rumors have pegged both it and Microsoft's foldable for imminent several times, but it doesn't seem to have materialized.

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