Microsoft has rolled out its latest Microsoft Edge browser update on iOS. With the release, the company has bumped the app to Version 44.6.1. Included in the update is the ability for Edge to narrate webpages to the user on iPhone and iPad.

It is worth noting, the iOS Edge experience is not related to the Chromium Edge preview. Microsoft is testing its browser based on Google’s Chromium web platform. While that preview will eventually replace the normal Edge, mobile devices remain on the standard browser.

Read Aloud is an important new tool for several reasons. Of course, the main focus is on accessibility and allowing users with impairments to have a website read to them. Through this update, Microsoft Edge can read aloud the contents of any webpage.

Aside from accessibility benefits, Read Aloud can also be helpful when driving and wanting to avoid distraction. Equally, it is a useful tool for cooking or when consuming a longer article.

Along with Read Aloud, Microsoft Edge allows users to adjust the speed of the reading. You can check out the video above to see how Read Aloud in Edge works.

If you’re interested in Microsoft Edge on iOS, you can check it out at the App Store here.

Chromium Edge Focus

In recent months, Microsoft has been busy developing the preview of Chromium Edge on Windows and Mac.

Back in December, Microsoft announced it will abandon its EdgeHTML web rendering technology and move its Edge browser to Google’s Chromium technology. The idea is to give Edge more access to apps through web apps to better compete with Chrome.