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Sticky Notes Updates Brings Back Ink Analysis, Makes Dark Mode Colorful

Sticky Notes 3.7 fixes several glaring issues, improves performance and adds a splash of color to dark mode.


is rolling out a update to Insiders in the Fast Ring. Pushing the version to 3.7, it fixes a number of serious bugs, while bringing some new functionality and design elements.

When it comes to Ink Insights, Microsoft says a bug that was causing handwriting analysis and insights has been squashed. Users should note full functionality in the app again, along with general improvements. As well as more stability, Sticky Notes remembers insights across active sessions and when users go offline.

Improvements have also come to dark mode in the form of text selection. It now takes on the color of the note header, making things more interesting visually without hurting your eyes at night.

Finally, various bug fixes, accessibility fixes, and performance optimization should make the app more pleasant to use. In general, this marks a continued focus on the app from Microsoft under engineering manager Reza Jooyandeh.

A major update for Sticky Notes rolled out to Insiders in late 2018, pushing its version to 3. This added note syncing, a note hub, dark theme, a formatting bar, speed improvements, and expanded assistive technologies.

Microsoft later debuted a web version of Sticky Notes, and made it available in its OneNote app. Earlier this year, version 3.6 introduced image and multi-desktop support, while making it easy to Alt+Tab between notes.

In the future, Microsoft is looking into always on top functionality for the app. Users on Reddit have also suggested the ability to minimize to the notification area.

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