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Microsoft Rolls out a Fix for Users Unable to Leave Windows 10 S Mode

A few days after its reporting, Microsoft has fixed a Store bug that left Windows 10 users stranded in S Mode. They can now migrate to full versions of the OS.


has rolled out a fix for Store issues that were rendering users unable to leave Windows 10 S mode. The problem, which began on Monday, meant the switch page would not load, leaving customers with a severely limited PC.

For the unfamiliar, S mode is a toned-down version of the OS, aimed primarily at education or non-productivity uses. With it, users can only use apps from the Store and can't use the command prompt, PowerShell, or Registry Editor.

It usually comes with a cheaper purchase price for new laptops and customers can perform a free, one-off migration to Windows 10 Pro if they wish. Essentially, there are usually no downsides to buying such a PC.

On Tuesday, July 30, though, the company acknowledged that switching was a known issue and not intended behavior.

“This is not expected behavior and the issue is not with your PC. Microsoft is aware that some users are unable to upgrade to Pro Edition or switch out of S mode as a result of this blank page. We are investigating the cause and when a resolution is available the Store will update without any user action necessary. There is no current estimate on when this condition will be resolved,” it said.

It began rolling out the fix on August 1, which comes in the form of an update for the . Users can find it by pressing ‘Get Updates' under ‘Downloads and updates' in the app. Versions 11906.1001.24.0 and above don't have the bug.

This problem will have been a significant annoyance for users who just bought a new laptop. The effect on retailers, however, could cause more issues. Some users have noted plans to return their device due to its lack of proper functioning and lack of an immediate public response from Microsoft.

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