Microsoft To-Do is continuing to gain functionality with a new feature that is coming to the app across platforms. A new task assignment functionality is rolling out to users on mobile and desktop.

As the name suggests, task assignments let users assign tasks to other people or even to themselves. It is worth noting that because this is a collaborative feature, it is only available on the Shared Lists area of Microsoft To-Do.

Family members, friends, colleagues, and other contacts can assign tasks to each other through a shared list.

Once a task has been assigned, an “Assign to me” notification will appear on the left panel. Users can select this to accept the task or hide it through the settings menu. Also, Assigned to me tasks can also be viewed in the Planner section, although tasks cannot be assigned there.

As mentioned, this feature is making its way to Microsoft To-Do on all platforms. That means quite a few devices as the app is now available on Windows 10, Android, iOS, and was recently expanded to macOS via the Mac App Store.

Grouped Lists on Android

Last week, Microsoft introduced Group Lists to the To-Do app on Google’s Android platform. By adding support for grouped lists, users can now collect lists and reduce the clutter on the app. It is worth noting some users who have Microsoft To-Do beta on Android say they still don’t have this feature.

It is likely Microsoft is either rolling the update out in stages or some device users will receive it before others.

To receive the latest task assignments feature, download Microsoft To-Do for Windows from the Microsoft Store, for Android from Google Play, for iOS from the App Store, and for Mac through the App Store.