Microsoft has this week sent out a new update for its Docs application. Specifically, the company has debuted a new section on the documentation platform that collects all code samples in a single location. With the tool, users are able to more easily search and surface code samples that they need.

According to a blog post by Microsoft, this new Docs section is not just a simple search directory. For example, it has more uses, such as a direct link to GitHub, so users can quickly report issues or make contributions to developers.

Furthermore, each individual code sample has a direct link to its GitHub repository. These samples can be downloaded even if they are part of a group of many. To make this easy, each sample is accompanied by a “Download ZIP” option.

“We’ve made sure that we powered the hosted content and search by code hosted on GitHub – you can contribute to any of the samples we index by going to the repository and opening a pull request! Found a bug in the sample as you were running it? You can open an issue in the repository where the sample is as well, and the team managing the code will be able to look at it!”

More Abilities

Microsoft has also made it easier for customers working in Azure Resource Manager, with samples able to be sent to the cloud platform in a single click.

Lastly, the new Docs section also makes navigating through the code sample database a breeze. Microsoft has included several search filter options on the side of the list. These allow users to refine their queries based on coding language, products, and more.

If you want to know more about this implementation, you can check it out here.