Microsoft has given Your Phone users an important feature as they wait patiently for a wider rollout of screen mirroring. As of the latest Windows Insider build, users can make use of full support for dual-SIM setups.

As a result, you’ll see text messages from both SIMs on your PC, with support for both sending and receiving. This makes it far more useful for those who have enterprise and personal SIMs, as they won’t have to pick and choose.

The news comes via senior program manager lead Analy Diaz (via Windows Central), who announced it on Twitter. Your Phone’s latest build doesn’t seem to add any additional functionality, but this is another sign that Microsoft is ramping up its efforts.

Recently, the company announced that it was hiring a further 20 engineers to propel Your Phone, which could end up a vital part of its cross-compatible future. The app ties Android and Windows together in a way that’s only previously been seen in non-official apps while keeping things free of charge.

However, users have recently noted issues with Your Phone, more specifically its tendency to advertise Office 365 products. Installing the app means you’ll start to install prompts for Microsoft’s productivity suite in the share menu, including OneDrive every time you try to share a document or photo.

Meanwhile, Insiders earlier this month gained the ability to view and dismiss Android notifications. The next big step for Microsoft is both widening device support for screen mirroring and letting users reply to notifications from any app on their PC.