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Microsoft Teams to Add Cross-Channel Message Support

Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to send a single message across multiple channels, while other new features are also inbound.


is a huge success, with 13 million daily active users. Several factors have been at play in this rapid gain, including integration with . However, success can also be attributed to consistently expanding the feature set of Teams.

One new feature that is coming to the workplace chat and collaboration tool is the ability to post one message and spread it across multiple channels. Cross-channel posting has been confirmed by the Microsoft Teams Twitter account.

The new tool will be accessible via a “Select Channel” button located at the top of the message box. Users will be able to select which channels they want to send a message to. Microsoft has not said when the feature will arrive on Teams but we guess it will be soon.

Elsewhere, Microsoft Teams is also gaining support for read receipts in messaging. Other new features including adding more controls for moderators so they can police what content is place in a channel, and priority notifications for important messages.

Teams Growth

As we reported earlier this month, Microsoft Teams is besting main rival Slack in terms of adoption rates and usage. New data presented by market research firm ETR shows Microsoft Teams is leading in market use and growing faster.

Slack's market share has remained relatively static and adoption rates are decreasing. At the same time, Teams is increasing its share and has higher adoption rates.

As mentioned, Teams is integrated into Office 365 so has access to a tens of millions strong install base. Slack clearly sees Teams as a threat, but the company's CEO attempted to cool Slack's obvious unease by saying Teams is not a threat and could even be compared to Google+ and Bing.

“Tens of billions of dollars into that [search engine] and I don't know what their market share is now — 9% or something like that,” he noted.

Luke Jones
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