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Unannounced Samsung Galaxy Space Windows 10 Device Shows Up on Geekbench

A previously unknown Samsung device called the Galaxy Space has been benchmarked recently, packing the Windows 10 platform.


is the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, but it also makes laptop PCs and tablets. However, the company has largely been cool on , with only limited devices available for 's platform. That said, there seems to be a new Samsung Win10 device called the Galaxy Space in the pipeline.

Windows Latest reports on a benchmark that shows an unannounced Windows 10 device created by Samsung.

According to the listing, the Galaxy Space will provide 8GB of RAM and have an eight-core processor with a clock speed rated at 2.84GHz. Geekbench results show a single core performance of 2011, with multi-core scored at 6047.

While little else is known about the device, it is safe to assume the Galaxy Space is a laptop. Yes, we would love a Samsung smartphone running Windows 10, but that simply is not going to happen. That said, there were reports years ago of a Galaxy S8 running the platform, but it didn't materialize.

With that in mind, the naming of the Galaxy Space may suggest Samsung is taking the product seriously. Galaxy is the company's flagship branding that it uses across its , including the S and Note rangers. If Samsung is willing to give a laptop its name, it may suggest a genuine push in the PC market.

Folding Laptop?

It is worth remembering Samsung is one of the few companies to have released a folding screen device. Sure, the Galaxy Fold is a smartphone and is a clear experiment, but Samsung is leader in folding screens.

We have already seen Lenovo release a folding screen laptop and it is logical Samsung could explore this space. Could the Galaxy Space be a foray into folding laptops, or will it be a more conventional Windows 10 device?

Luke Jones
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