Trump wants to band TikTok in the U.S.

As we noted recently, the battle for the Pentagon’s war cloud JEDI contract has been narrowed down to two companies. Those happen to be the biggest cloud vendors, Amazon and Microsoft. As both compete for the $10 billion contract, Microsoft may have just scored an advantage.

Bloomberg reports U.S. President Donald Trump is preparing to become involved in the contract. As we have discussed in the past, some cloud companies are unhappy with the terms of the JEDI contract.

For example, Oracle is taking legal action over the project. The company says Amazon has a former Defense Department official working for it, creating a conflict of interest. Amazon has played down the significance, saying Oracle has “exaggerated that employee’s role in the procurement”.

Oracle was also one of the companies that argued JEDI should be a multi-vendor project. Instead, the Department of Defense (DoD) is seeking one cloud provider. It seems only Amazon Web Services and Azure are big enough to handle the contract as a single entity.

Trump’s Involvement

It seems some Republican members of Congress agree with Orcale’s stance. They have written to the White House arguing the terms of the JEDI contract have frozen some cloud providers out. Trump is reportedly angered by this development and has ordered the Pentagon to provide him with more information regarding JEDI.

It is worth noting, Trump has not said if he will intervene in the bidding process of not. If he does, it could be bad news for Amazon. Trump famously hates Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos. Sure, personal conflicts should not be involved in politics, but this is Donald Trump we are talking about.

While it was assumed the war cloud project was now between two companies, Trump could open the door to a multi-vendor deal.