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Surface Hub 2 Camera and Pen Discovered on Microsoft Store

The Surface Hub 2 Camera and Pen are now listed in the Microsoft Store, although the additional devices don’t come cheap.


's 2 pen and camera peripherals are now in the . We have known the accessories were coming for some time, but this release now confirms how much they will cost.

As you might have been expecting, neither the pen nor the camera are affordable. Of course, the Surface Hub 2 costs thousands of dollars, so it is no surprise to see its official peripherals get a steep price tag.

The Surface Hub 2 Camera is listed on the Microsoft Store for $219.99, while the Surface Hub 2 has a price of $169.99.

Twitter user and Microsoft watcher WalkingCat found the listings, but they aren't live yet. In other words, customers cannot start pre-ordering the device just yet. That also means the prices could change before launch, although it is unlikely.


Seen Before

It is worth noting the Surface Hub 2 already ships with a camera, and it seems it is the same hardware that was found in the Microsoft Store. It can record in 4K and is designed to work in low light and with a wide field of view. This makes is an ideal recording solution for conferences and meetings.

As for the pen, it also seems like the input device Microsoft ships with the Hub 2. It seems the company is putting these peripherals in the Store in-case customers want more than one camera or pen.

You can check out the listing for the Surface Hub 2 Camera here.

As for the Surface Hub 2 Pen, it can be viewed on the Microsoft Store here.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 12:13 pm CEST

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