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Users Probably Won’t Notice Any Changes in the Upcoming Windows 10 19H2 Update

The Windows 10 19H2 update will release in September and focus primarily on performance and quality of life updates. Unlike previous releases, it will release with the same methods as the OS' monthly updates for minimal disruption.


After a period of radio silence, has unveiled what's coming in the Windows 10 19H2, alongside a rough release target. As expected, though, the release won't be a major one at all. In fact, most users probably won't even notice the difference.

“19H2 will include a scoped set of features for select performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements and will be delivered to customers running the May 2019 Update using servicing technology (like the monthly Cumulative Update process),” Microsoft summarized in an official blog post.

Essentially, the update, which is targetted for a September release, will focus on under the hood changes. Users won't be seeing beautiful new Fluent Design elements or major features additions, but the underlying stability and quality of the OS should improve.

A Much-needed Break?

As boring as that may be, this is the kind of thing Windows enthusiasts have been clamoring for. In recent times, it's become clear that the release cycle of two major updates per year isn't sustainable without serious bugs or other issues.

Microsoft is instead planning its major additions for next year. Insiders have been testing 20H1 builds for quite a while now, so they should be polished before their release. This is likely to result in a far less disruptive experience for consumers, which is always a good thing.

Either way, the Windows 10 19H1 update shouldn't be a major hassle. It will be delivered to users like one of the frequent cumulative updates, rather than a major one. This should mean much faster install times and therefore less downtime.

Currently, it's that delivery process Microsoft is testing with Insiders, with few other additions rolling out currently. It's likely we'll find out more about 19H1 details as devs get their hands on the changes.

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