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Microsoft Forms Pro Launches Globally for Enhanced Enterprise Use

Microsoft Forms Pro brings deep integrations with Dynamics 365 and Flow, while integrating AI-assisted questions and more.


The paid version of Forms is now generally available after its Spring preview. Named Forms Pro, it implements additional features that are of use to enterprise customers, while maintaining similar ease of use.

Forms Pro was leaked back in mid-February and officially confirmed a week later. The enhanced app will be integrated across , Office 365, and Microsoft Power, and come with the following basic functionality:

  • “Develop customized, on-brand surveys with your company's look and feel using AI-assisted suggested questions.
  • Incorporate sophisticated survey functionality like advanced branching, skip logic, individualized survey links, and multilingual capabilities.
  • Reach your audience with timely, mobile-optimized surveys distributed through email, QR codes, webpages, and apps.”

With Flow, users can also automatically send surveys based on trigger events, personalize questions based on CRM or HR systems, and export it to Dynamics or Office 365 for comprehensive viewing.


As promised, Microsoft has unveiled pricing with its release. It's available for Dynamics 365 customers free of charge, provided you don't exceed 2,000 survey responses per month. For Office 365, the price is $100 per 2,000 survey responses per month. Essentially, each response will cost around 5 cents.

Forms has seen a wave of upgrades over the past year in a concerted effort to bring it closer to its major competitor, Forms. In a leaked roadmap, a section called “Google neutralization and UV” included features like file and image upload, stream video support, folders, save as PDF, and more.

However, it's now clear the improvements were partly in preparation for this Pro version. Microsoft has been adding a number of business-oriented features to forms for a while, including a service health dashboard, threat protection, breach isolation, and various certifications.

The bottom line is that Forms is now in a good place for enterprise use. You can find more information about the tool on the official site.

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