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AdDuplex Report Reveals a Plummeting Windows 10 Update Adoption Rate

The Windows 10 May 2019 update has been adopted by just 6% of AdDuplex, 100,000 surveyed users, pointing to a general trend of slower update adoption for the OS.


's June report has debuted with some bad news for . According to the advertising analytics firm, just 6.3% of Windows 10 users are on the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

The survey looks at close 100,000 PCs and indicates a 5% uptick in 1903 users since last month. This puts it on par with the initial adoption rate of the previous Windows 10 October 2018 update, which isn't good news.

Many months after its release, the October update (1809) sits at just 30% adoption. The 1803 April update from early last year remains the most popular, despite numerous security and feature improvements in the later builds.

Source: AdDuplex

This is a trend we didn't see in previous updates, and we can only speculate at the reasons. The October update was admittedly a disaster, with a number of bugs, some of which related in data loss, and several delays as a result.

Necessary Caution?

The May 2019 update has taken a more cautious approach as a result, rolling out to different groups of users more slowly. As of June 7, though, the update was available to all, so you'd expect adoption to skyrocket.

Admittedly, though, the May 2019 update isn't the most exciting. It focuses mainly on reliability and security, with a new Light theme being the main shiny addition. Microsoft hasn't been able to drum up too much excitement after the cancellation of Windows 10 Sets and the delay of various other features.

Still, there's some good news out of the report. Of the 5% gained, 3% came directly from the April update. Users appear to be skipping straight ahead to the latest version, which can only be a good thing.

Meanwhile, those complaining about bugs in 1903 may soon get some relief. A cumulative patch recently launched for that fixes many issues, including display calibration problems.

With the update now widely available and these fixes rolling out, here's hoping July is a little more positive for the tech giant.

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