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LinkedIn Adds New Consumer-Style Social Media Integrations

LinkedIn has announced new tagging and reactions tools, as well as full support for video messaging and PDFs and slides.


has this week debuted an interesting suite of new features that can be used to connect users more efficiently. The -owned business-focused social network now has a few tools that regular consumer fronted services provide.

For example, video messages are now supported. Videos have become increasingly important on LinkedIn, and now users can connect videos through messaging. Of course, this is something that rivals such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Microsoft's own Skype already offer.

Elsewhere, LinkedIn now supports tagging. Again, this is another personal tool that is coming to business users. Like on Facebook, users can tag a co-worker or contact they know when they upload an image.

Reactions are another personal social media-like integration. On LinkedIn, users can now add reactions such as “love” or “clap” to posts from yourself and colleagues. Also, where would any social media network be in 2019 without hashtags. LinkedIn now lets you find hashtags more easily from your profile.

Feature Details

You can check out the full suite of new social features below:


Think you recognize someone in the photo? Or just want to make sure your co-worker knows when you upload a photo with them in it? Now when you post a photo, you can tag people in it. The world seems smaller and your community a little tighter when you let people know who is who.


When your teammate is promoted, you “clap.” You show “love” to a friend who shares an experience with you. You may feel a spark, like a “lightbulb,” when you hear an insightful idea. With reactions, you can more easily have these meaningful and constructive interactions on LinkedIn.

Video messages:

Millions of members have posted videos and shared them with their connections or in groups: sharing ideas, experiences, or simply a view into their working life. Now you can do the same in messaging, too.

PDFs and slides support:

Powerpoint presentations and document PDFs are the currency of professional communication. They're how professionals around the world share ideas, pitches, and information. You can now post your PDFs and slides on LinkedIn via the feed, in a group, or on your page

Post button and messaging button are ‘on the move':

It is now easier to post or message from anywhere in the mobile app. The post button has a new home in the bottom center of your screen, and the message button now lives in the top right corner.


Find all the groups you're part of and hashtags you follow in on the right side of your feed on desktop or by clicking on your profile picture at the top left on mobile.”

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