Microsoft To-Do has been through a rapid evolution over the last two years. The task manager application has received an array of new features and become hugely functional. Available on Windows, iOS, and Android, Microsoft To-Do is now expanding its cross-platform appeal to Apple’s Mac.

According to Microsoft, To-Do will be made available on Mac devices later this month. In preparation for that release, the company has already added the app to the Mac App Store.

At the moment, the app is just a place holder. Microsoft says the full To-Do experience can be installed from June 17. At the moment, Mac users can “pre-order” the service.


Don’t worry about that terminology, Microsoft To-Do remains a free experience. The pre-order means the app will automatically download onto your Mac when it is made available next week.

As you can see by the image above, the To-Do UI has been kept consistent for its Mac debut. It is good that Microsoft has created a truly uniform cross-platform experience. It will be interesting to see which platform feature set To-Do will come with. We guess the iOS version of features will be available on Mac.

App Store

What is not uniform is how Microsoft chooses to offer services on Mac machines. The company puts some services on the App Store (where To-Do is located), while others are only available as desktop programs.

We can file Office 365 and OneDrive under App Store applications, whereas Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Chromium Edge are all still outside the App Store.

Either way, Microsoft To-Do can be found on the Mac App Store here. Microsoft says the app will only work for users running macOS 10.13 or later.