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Windows 10 on ARM users finally will access to a fast, addon-supported browser thanks to the leak of a Chromium Edge build. Based on Google’s engine, the browser is very similar to Chrome, but cuts out many of the background services.

The leaked version appears to be, which matches the latest x86 Canary version. Further, it’s digitally signed by Microsoft, which suggests it’s genuine. Unfortunately, users of this build won’t be able to update.

The leak comes from ADeltaX, who says users can set the browser to canary with ‘–msedge-sxs’. The user is trusted for work on MobileShell, but you should always be wary of running installers from unknown sources.

Without an ARM64 PC, we have been unable to test the build, but initial reports seem to indicate that it works perfectly. A hybrid analysis scan also indicates that it doesn’t contain malware.

Covering All Bases

As well as ARM64, versions of Chromium Edge can be installed on Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs. More recently, Microsoft made it available to Mac OS, and it’s possible a Linux version will come, too.

After the disappointing adoption rate of EdgeHTML, it’s clear Microsoft is trying to get its new version to as many platforms as possible. Naturally, it already has a Chromium version of Edge on Android, as that’s a requirement for Google’s play store.

Of course, it’s well worth noting that though Chrome is not available on ARM64, Mozilla’s Firefox is. The native beta build appears to be a real competitor, making use of octa-core CPUs as well as other Snapdragon-specific features.

With the Snapdragon 8cx and mid-range ARM platforms set to launch soon, it’s likely more people will experience Windows 10 on the hardware.