Excel Startup Windows Screenshot

Microsoft wants to make its Excel application more powerful for stock traders. The company has announced a new collaboration with Nasdaq and Refinitiv. Under the partnership, those companies will bring real-time stocks to the Office app.

In a blog post, Microsoft says users of Excel can now view up-to-date stock information across major U.S. exchanges in Nasdaq and stocks data from Refinitiv. The latter is a leading provider of financial markets data.

“Anyone with an interest in financial information needs quick, reliable data to navigate today’s complex and fast-moving global markets,” said Brennan Carley, Global Head of Enterprise at Refinitiv. “Refinitiv has many years’ experience in delivering data to financial professionals within Microsoft Excel and we are now delighted to give everyday investors access to these capabilities via our partnership with Microsoft.”

This is an expansion of Microsoft’s Stocks abilities in Excel. Last year, the company brought its Stocks Data Type to the application. This feature allows users to view a stock ticker into an information provider featuring currency, prices, and other data.

Expanded Services

With the latest collaboration, Stocks on Excel adds support for international currencies, bonds, bitcoin, pricing information, company data, industry breakdowns, and more. Users can see financial data from exchanges such as Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite.

“Expanding the reach of real-time market data is essential to making markets more accessible,” said Oliver Albers, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Partnerships for Nasdaq’s Global Information Services. “Our collaboration with Microsoft is a significant step towards bringing important market information to individual investors. Microsoft’s focus on empowering individuals aligns perfectly with our mission to make financial markets more inclusive.”