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Microsoft’s Windows Terminal Promo Cut from YouTube for Copyright Infringement

Microsoft's Windows Terminal video is marked as claimed by MusicBed, despite the companies already having an agreement. Users are currently unable to view the promo.


In an embarrassing turn of events, 's Windows Terminal video has been removed from for a copyright claim. The promo is no longer available due to grievances apparently raised by MusicBed, a company that provides licensed music to companies.

At the time of its removal, after May 28, the video had 1.4 million views. Strangely, though, Microsoft's Rich Turner has confirmed Microsoft does hold a MusicBed license. The background music was therefore used entirely legally.

At this point, it's unclear if this is a manual claim or some kind of problem with 's automatic tools. It's not the first time the company has run into issues with copyright, with YouTubers recently running into bogus claims for fair use situations or even original content.

With Microsoft seemingly in the right, we expect this issue to be resolved quickly, but the video has already been unavailable for at least two days. In that time, the company is missing out on vital advertising.

In some ways, though, it's comforting to know that solo YouTubers aren't the only ones to be affected by Google's aggressive copyright system. While the voices of its creators often have little effect, large companies like Microsoft have more sway. It'll be interesting to see how quickly YouTube acts in this scenario.

For the unfamiliar, Windows Terminal is a modern CLI that supports tabs, rich text, theming, emoji's, GPU text rendering, and more. It's designed to enhance the experience for users of PowerShell, Cmd, and WSL on its release in June.

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