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Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Stops Working with the New Youtube

YouTube's latest design has suddenly stopped working with Chromium Edge. The high degree of issues with Google services in recent times have led some to speculate that it's intentional.


Users of Microsoft’s Chromium Edge have noted an inability to make use of the new YouTube design. When attempting to use a non-classic version of the platform, they’re told that their browser is unsupported.

“Your browser is not supported,” it reads. “Try it with the latest version of Chrome”.

Strangely, new YouTube works in every other browser, including EdgeHTML. The message appears target Chromium Edge directly and runs without a hitch when users switch their user agent.

It isn’t the first time this has happened. Google Meet previously stopped working on the browser, and the message is suspiciously familiar to the YouTube one Google employee used to kill IE all those years ago.


However, it’s worth noting that this may not be malicious. In the case of Meet, Google said a switch in Chromium Edge’s user-agent string caused the issue. As some of Google’s sites work via whitelist, rather than blacklist, any change can lead to incompatibility errors if Google doesn’t act fast enough. You can argue that the company has a responsibility to keep on top of changes, but Chromium Edge is still in development and gets adjusted daily.

Currently, though, Google is yet to make an official statement on the matter. Chromium Edge users are reduced to using the classic version of the website, when the new design was working just moments before. Whatever the intentions, barring access to the modern version of one of the internet’s most popular sites is bound to have an impact.

Those with the issue can download the user agent switcher extension and select Google Chrome rather than Edge. This should stop any issues, similarly to earlier problems with Meet and GDocs.

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